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Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
8/15/2020  Re'eh​

During my summer residency at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, I was privileged to co-lead several Shabbat morning services via Zoom with Rabbi Shira Gluck. I enjoyed the opportunity to plan collaboratively and create an accessible prayer space for community members while the synagogue building was closed due to Covid-19.

As a guide, you can find some of the sections of the service I led at the following timestamps:

Shema – 22:10        Amidah – 30:15        D'var Torah – 39:30        Haftarah Chanting – 52:42

Temple Tikvah of New Hyde Park
8/28/2020  Ki Teitzei

The above excerpts are from a service at my home congregation, Temple Tikvah, where I have often had the privilege of serving as a lay leader in the absence of the rabbi or cantor during summer Shabbat services. At this particular service, although I was filling in for the cantor, I was also asked to give the d'var Torah in honor of the one year "anniversary" of my HUC-JIR Senior Sermon.

Zierler Koren Minyan.png
HUC Kaddish Minyan

When two members of the HUC-JIR faculty each lost a parent, they found themselves challenged to find a minyan (group of 10 Jewish adults) with which to say daily Kaddish – first because of scheduling constraints and then because of Covid-19 – so a classmate established a regular Kaddish minyan to enable the professors to honor their parents' memories. It has been a privilege to pray with and occasionally lead tefillah for this group. This minyan has given me an even deeper understanding of the value of community. Read the article here.

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